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How well do you know Moonstone?

November 10, 2016 

Associated Chakra's: Third Eye and Crown

Associated Archangels: AA Gabriel, AA Haniel

Moonstone is a feldspar mineral, which is a potassium aluminum silicate. It has a natural variety of colors including Black, White, Cat's Eye, Peach and Rainbow. Moonstone earned its name with its blue/white sheen produced by its crystal structure. Documented in antiquity, this stone has been used in Roman jewelry dating back 2000 years and traced back many more years in the Orient. Traditionally used as a wedding gift in India, Moonstone has always been sacred with a special significance to balancing relationships and to help reconcile estranged lovers.

Metaphysically, Moonstone has a strong connection to the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and encourages the awakening of ones intuition. With slightly different benefits for females and males, it all leads to balance. When used by females, Moonstone opens up the connection to the Kundalini energy and strengthens clairvoyance abilities. When males are guided to moonstone, often it is to shift rigid thought patterns to encourage non/linear thinking and emotional balance by stimulating right brain thinking. Both sexes benefit from Moonstones abilities to clear the aura and balance the third eye and crown chakras.

Moonstone has long been associated with the energies of the moon itself, especially White Moonstone. Each color holds a specialized skill set to call its own. When tumbled, Moonstone has such a smooth and silky feel that to hold it brings great comfort.

I love this stone. While beginning my day, the piece beside my bed "winked" at me, that's what lead today's blog post. I took a picture in better light to capture that blue/white sheen this stone is famous for.

Ouija Board, spirit board, good, evil, talking to spirit

Ouija Boards; Instruments of Good or Evil?

October , 12, 2016

Have you ever played with an Ouija board? I have…….and I have also been answering questions about this “game” for sale at the local Toys R Us lately, as well. ‘Tis the season! So, in this blog post, I wanted to talk about this infamous game and reveal if these boards are really as evil as they say. I mean, it’s just a game right?

When you “play” with an Ouija board, does it feel like a game?

First thing I want to get out of the way is that I consider the Ouija board a divination tool, plain and simple. Outdated as far as I am concerned. This tool can be used like any other divination tools like pendulums, runes, tarot cards, dowsing rods or anything else that you can use to connect with the spiritual realm. These are not toys, or games, and should not be treated as such. That being said, when treated with respect and integrity these boards demand, Ouija can offer clear messages from your angels and crossed over loved ones with great clarity.

Ouija boards work the same as a pendulum. The planchette moves because of YOUR inner knowingness, or the collective group’s knowingness, not because of a spirit. Do not let people tell you spirit is moving these objects because this is not what is happening. The only way this can happen is if you create an allowance for spirit to take over, and this said spirit is powerful enough to move objects.  

I do not recommend this, for your safety. 

Intuitively, you already know the answers to your questions. Using a tool like this validates your inner knowingness by showing you physical answers as the planchette glides about the board. The biggest difference with an Ouija board than other divination tools is that there are 2 or more people’s energy directly involved. This added energy can create an unwanted attraction; based on belief systems, intentions that are hidden or fearful, and how in tune they are with their intuition. If anyone allows a spirit to, in fact, take over the board, then there is the potential for trouble.

That being said, keep in mind that nothing in the spirit world can interfere with you negatively. Unless you have allowed this in some way, shape or form. Same goes for love based interactions. Angels must be called upon first before they can intervene. This is The Universal Law of Free Will. Any adverse effects felt after the use of an Ouija board has occurred for a few different reasons:

Little to no knowledge about the spirit world- Usually the case in pre-teens, teens or folks who watch TV and movies for their spiritual knowledge. This is not the movies or ghost hunters.

• Asking if “anyone” is with us/in the room/has messages for the group -  Anyone can truly be ANYONE. Angels, loved ones, earth bound spirits, entities, worse…… Be clear about WHO you want to talk with. Lower vibrational entities work the energies too, and they may know stuff about you. They also lie, cheat, and make you think all is well when it is not. Ask for Angelic energy or higher, always. If you want to talk to loved ones, call AA Michael to deliver these messages from them to you or call a professional medium, like yours truly.

• Your intention is to call lower vibrating entities or demonic energies on purpose with no agenda or idea what to do once they get there-  This scenario can create a whole world of issues. You will need a spiritual exterminator to handle the kind of side effects left behind as they can create massive amounts of bad luck; ‘hauntings’, unusual behaviour, depression and worse. If you suspect someone has played with the dark side in your home/workplace/land, whether it was while you lived there or before, I suggest you call in the professionals ( like yours truly) to clear yourself/family and your space. You will need more than a smudging.

• Spiritual Cowboys who know it all, but never have had any formal training-Honestly, if you have no idea how to fix a problem that may occur while using a witching board, or other divination tools, just don’t. Seriously, just don’t. Would you do brain surgery because you saw it on YouTube? No? Well I hope not. It may seem like a silly comparison, but you ask someone who has had a “spiritual cowboy” come into their home, and shake things up to just walk away just how serious this can be.

Your best bet is to consult a professional psychic or spiritualist (like yours truly, okay okay, I'll stop that now) who has experience with these kind of divinations tools. I would totally be willing to host an event to show you, and a group a friends, how to safely use divination tools with no ill effects or “lingering’s” left afterward. It is possible to use spirit boards to connect to your guides, crossed over loved ones and angels safely.  I feel that the societal stigma that Ouija boards, in particular, have received over the decades has imprinted them with an evil, taboo feel. You can clear the energy of spirit boards as easily as you do your crystals. 

I will offer a warning, though. These are definitely not toys. No one under the age of 18 should be using these or any other divination device with, or without, adult supervision. If you do not know how to use them, feel uneasy or fearful, then you should not enter a circle. You may leave yourself open to more than you bargain for. These energies can be cleared, but you will need a professional. One of the first questions I ask before a home clearing is “Has anyone used an Ouija board in, or on this property?” and for good reason.

My experience with Ouija boards began when I was young, around my mid-teens. I was always with friends, and never once thinking that anything bad could happen. 

Yep, we knew it all. 

I began to notice paranormal activity in my home, and more specifically in my room where we often used the board. Then, one night while using the board, a friend and I felt the planchette vibrate. Then our hands and arms turned red while touching it. We were freaked out! It was then that we decided to talk to my friends Mom because we knew she could help. Lucky for us, my friends Mom put a call into her Brother, who was deeply connected to the spirit world. He was able to help us with the after math of our actions. 

I learned then that we opened ourselves up to all the energies around us, good and bad, simply because we didn’t know how to safely use an Ouija board. When I learned in the training I received years later that you should not teach anyone under 18 how to use divination tools, I recall this time in my life and completely understand why, as I once lived through it.

If you or anyone you know has paranormal activity going on (Ouija board related or not) and they are ready talk about it with someone who knows they are not crazy, I can help. 

Be well, be safe and reach out and ask questions before devilling into worlds unknown. It could save you a lot of grief.

The Lilac; Calming, Uplifting and Balance

June 22, 2016

The Summer Solstice has passed, and the moon is waning. Now, the homework begins. Repair and recovery should be top priority for the coming days and weeks depending on how much your energies are shaken up by lunar and celestial events. In this blog post, I was guided to share a little bit about flower therapy, and specifically how the Lilac can help in the energetic clearing and recovery process. If this recent lunar and celestial combo seemed to amplify and stir up feelings of depression, anxiety or fear, this blog post is for you.

The Lilac

Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus

Associated Archangel: Michael

The calming effects of the lilac blossoms have long been known. The aroma essence and essential oil are still used in many beauty and health products today. Energetically, this flower supports those who suffer with anxiety, fears and depression. Lilac has a special way of breaking up and lifting away old and heavy attachments to the past that cause depressive states. For those who are living with anxiety, lilac releases fears of the future in exchange for the peace and tranquility of now. Beautiful, fragrant, and delicate. The lilac blossoms are almost out of season, so take the time now to look for your own bunch.

You can pair lilac with citrine, rose quartz and amethyst as these crystals compliment the flowers energetic properties well. Lilacs come in purple and white, but both have the same energetic properties.

White lilacs grow in my yard. What a treat! I have always had luck to enjoy lilacs in my own yard my whole life. In the past, they have always been purple in colour. I am so glad I will get to enjoy this beautiful bunch of trees and their white blossoms for many more years to come.

Happy Healing, lovely souls! Sit in quiet this week and connect with the healing flowers, crystals, or place that can assist in your repair and recovery as you get closer to the most authentic version of you. Get grounded, connected and sparkly clear.

Action Steps to Healing; Are They Really That Important?

August 23, 2016

Action Steps to Healing, have you heard of them? These are the tid-bits of homework that you will receive during any kind of psychic reading or healing session you enjoy with me. Working these steps have the potential to change your whole life around into the direction you want most. So, how important is it really to do ALL of those steps?

 I can hear the groans now…. 

“Lemon water in the morning, ugh really???…” 

“How many times do I have to say this affirmation…...and is it every day???” 

You asked your etheric guides (not your closest enabler) how to heal, so these are the steps to the “how”. 

"If angels are so loving, why are some of these steps sooooo hard and tedious?"

Healing is challenging. It took time to get off track, and it will take time, and perseverance, to get back onto track. If you tune into the universe, you will understand the lessons only get hard when you apply resistance to change. Simple steps are often the most healing. However, some of this homework can sound down right difficult, or seem a tad loony-toons. Anyone who has sat with me knows this.

Here are some examples of the types of homework the etheric guides have offered during client sessions. I will also include the healing benefits you can receive as validation to why you might receive this kind of list.

  1. Homework: Drink warm lemon water upon raising before eating. Benefit: Wakes organs up, gentle detox, boost circulation and immune system, clears the aura 
  2. Homework: Sit by the river for 45mins to an hour a week. Benefit: making time to yourself, reflect on self without distraction, grounding, maintains good aura health, gets you out and reconnected to nature
  3. Homework: Get your hands and feet in the earth. Benefit: grounding, reconnecting to self, nurturing inner child, making time to slow down, new hobby like gardening to help release old habits that no longer serve
  4. Homework: Affirmation “Today I welcome all good things that come my way”. Benefit: words hold healing powers, re-training self-talk to a positive nature, encourages self-healing and gaining confidence, fake it till you make it
  5. Homework: Write a letter to your ex and burn it. Benefit: closure, you can say anything you need without negative recourse, physical symbolism of releasing, strengthens communication with the divine

Not too, too crazy or difficult, right? But remember you,and you alone, must work these steps. If you choose to work the ones you like and discard the ones you don’t, then you should expect half the results. If you decide it is all hog wash and complete zero steps, then you should expect to stay in the same spot you are now. Makes sense, right? Just like dieting and exercise, consistency and perseverance in your spiritual healing is key.

I would like to share one of my personal favorite action steps to healing I received during training several years ago. This was one of those odd requests the universe offered that I did not quite understand at the time.

Homework: Make tinfoil stars and hang them over your bed

Did I do it? Yes and no, half way. I made the stars, and at that time decided not to follow through with hanging them up. I decided the project was all about helping get my creative flair back, so the stars sat in a drawer for months after completion. I didn’t follow through because of the fear my hubby would think I was a looney toons for hanging them up over our bed. Well, he didn’t care, not one bit. He asked what I was doing at the time of making the stars and simply said “Okay” when I said what it was all for. I chose to fill in the rest of the story with my fears. After a few months of increased creativity, I still thought about why I never hang them up. It was only then did I understand that this project was handed down as a way to allow me to embrace myself for who I was, what I believed in and to finally let go of judgment of others. This last step of healing came in time, but if I would have committed to completing that project when I first received the guidance years ago, that healing would have happened quicker.

So, yes, Action Steps to Healing are important. In fact, they are the most important part you can take away from a healing session. A divine prescription, this personalized list of homework, is a gift to you from the heavens intended to extend your healing session at home for weeks or months to come. But, what if you miss a step? Begin again, no worries. Work the steps each day the best you can and make sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. 

This is your opportunity to re-write your story. You got this.

Three Month, Six Month and Annual Forecast Readings

November 26, 2016

Have you ever thought “I sure wish I saw this coming!!!?” What if I told you an Annual Forecast Reading could help out in this department?

This blog post is about a reading style that can help you understand and become aware of the potential energy that each month will offer you in the next 12 month cycle.

You can do an annual forecast reading at any time of the year, but they are most popular during the months of December ,January and birthday months. 

During this style of reading, we pull 3 cards for each month. These 3 cards represent the theme for the month in question. The best part about this style of reading is that you have a heads up about the potential energy certain months will bring to you. This allows you to make better business, travel, and personal decisions as you plug along. You can plan for rest in the more energetically hectic months, or launch a new business promotion in a month that favors new ideas and growth. The possibilities are endless.

With an annual spread you can also see the upswing and awareness available to each month for you. If you push a lesson aside for the month, it has the potential to slide into the next month for your continued focus until you give the lesson the attention is needs. Reviewing your annual spread throughout the year will give you a good idea if you’re right on schedule, or if you have been ignoring the awareness given through the spreads. Thus putting you a month or 2 behind. It’s a wonderful way to hold accountability for the energy you bring to the world around you. I complete an annual spread for myself in around the new year because I know the benefits it has given me in years past.

Annual Forecasting can also be laser focused to a 3-6 months’ time frame if you are ready to hit those targets and goals you have set up for yourself. Twelve months is great for a large overview of the potential for the year, but a 3-6 month forecast can assist in ‘the now’ decisions of life. Three month forecasting is great for quick life changes like selling a home, or looking for that new career path your seeking. Six month forecasting is perfect for those longer term goals and targets you set for yourself in personal, health, career of family planning.

Making the time to receive an Annual or Monthly Forecasting spread gives you the opportunity to see the potential energy the universe has set into motion for you. You may pin point the area you want to work on for the forecasting, or you can throw caution in the wind and let spirit lead the way. Either way, this can be that step up in your spiritual journey accountability.

To book your Forecasting reading, head over to my Private Sessions page, or Contact to email me directly. Working with your Lords, Masters and Loved Ones can get you set up for knowingness on a whole other level.

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How well do you know Blue Topaz?

December 4, 2018

Mineral Family: Silicate

Keywords: Wisdom, truth, generosity, relaxation, joy

Birth Month: December

Associated Chakra: Throat Chakra

Topaz is commonly found in gem stone quality. Available in many colors, naturally occurring blue is quite rare. Many polished blue topaz gem stones have been enhanced to bring out the beautiful, liquid blue colour.

Metaphysically, Blue Topaz balances the Throat Chakra, freeing blocks to communication. Raw blue topaz is used in crystal therapy to assist in relaxation of the mind and body; it has a very soothing effect.

My personal favorite uses: Lots of my jewelry is blue topaz, and I have used my raw peice

to create crystal essence for personal vibrational medicine.

Learn more about how Blue Topaz can help you.

let go of fear

My year of saying "YES!!!"

October 27, 2017

May I share something with you? It's personal, and my own truth.

Sometimes I fear. Even after all my training and practice, sometimes I still let fear take the wheel and steer. It nags me. It bothers me.

So, I made a big decision in January. HUGE, really. I decided that every time I was greeted with the opportunity to say no, I would say YES. No matter how uncomfortable this made me. No matter how much I wanted to run back to my comfort zone. One condition; saying yes would not put me, or anyone else, in harms way.

Best decision ever. I have open the doors to many opportunities that would have been undiscovered due to fear.

Let me share a small check list of these moments I got to experience by just saying Yes:

* Catamaran Tour in Alaska; best part of my Alaska bound trip, by far. Smaller boat+big water= major fun!

* Climbing down a rocky sloap and up many stairs at Lynn Canyon; amazing view of the stream, pools and more. I found out I could indeed climb up and down with no problems

* Launching Thornley's Elemental Remedy; now on 2 retail shop shelves and counting, and I cannot keep product in stock due to great sales. Yay 🎉🎉🎉

* Any requests for walks with the family even though I was tired, and irritable; oh the memories that have stacked up

* Joining a Fantasy Football league again with my hubby; I am actually learning about football and players for the first time, and connecting deeper with my main squeeze

* Shutting down my website and backing away from my spiritual work for a few months; reminded me I love what I do and that spirit is not done working through me yet

There are so many more moments I could add to this list, but these are definitely the highlights. I have two more months to go and many more yes' to come. Funny comes more naturally now.

It takes courage, perseverance and patience with oneself to push through fear. But, fear does not really exist, it's created. It can also be destroyed. I am full.

Thank you for letting me share, and for reading my story of "The Yes Year"

I hope this inspires you to say yes more often. It's amazing what can reveal itself when you do.

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How well do you know Lavender?

November 29, 2018

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Keywords: When in doubt, use lavender

Misconception: always calming

Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus

Lavender comes with a huge list of healing properties! Enjoy it fresh, dried, as an essential oil, or hydrosol. Though it is difficult to cultivate in Alberta, you can find lavender in many forms, and quite easily.

The essential oil of lavender is often associated with it’s calming effect. Did you know it can have the opposite effect within the elderly, and some children?

While Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be used neat on the skin, I always advice the use of a carrier oil to extend the life of your precious oil. It can take up to a whole field of lavender to create less than 100mls of pure lavender essential oil. Use sparingly, more is not always better.

My personal favorite uses: Lavender Water as a facial toner, Lavender Oil blended with Almond Oil for sunburn care, smudging with dried leaves.

Ask me how Lavender can help you.

rosemary essential oil, roasemary healing properties, rosemary, aromatherapy, aromatherapist, local aromatherapist, natural arthritis remedy,  natural arthritis pain relief

How well do you know Rosemary?

December 7, 2018

Botanical Name: Rosemarinus officialis

Keywords: arthritis remedy, sharpen the mind, relieve tension

Associated Chakra: Sacral Chakra

Rosemary brings lots to the table in healing properties. Enjoy it in herb form in your cooking fresh or dried, use as an essential oil, or hydrosol. In the right conditions, Rosemary is a popular herbal garden addition. In cooler climates with good soil and sunshine, rosemary can be low maintanence, and thrives relatively pest free.

The essential oil of rosemary is often associated with it’s ability to sooth arthritis. Did you know it can also assisit with reviving the mind, and enhance your energy?

Rosemary should always be diluted with a carrier oil to for topical use. It pairs nicely with sweet orange and basil for diffusing when you need a pick me up.

My personal favorite uses: culunary dishes with beef or chicken, and in an arthritic blend for personlized blended oil rx.

Ask me how Rosemary can help you.

clear quartz, crystal healing, crystal therapy, clear quartz meaning

How well do you know Clear Quartz?

December 10, 2018

Mineral Family: Silicate

Keywords: Master Stone, clearing, amplify

Misconception: it has to be crystal clear to work well

Associated Chakra: All Chakras, especially the Crown.

If you are new to crystal healing, you can start by finding yourself a nice, and good quality piece of Clear Quartz. This is one of the most versatile crystals in vibrational healing work.

In the natural elemental world, you find different types of quartz. This is due to the mineral taking on other minerals in the earth around the growth area. In vibrational healing, you can naturally amplify any crystal with clear quartz, and even learn to program clear quartz to take on the properties of other crystal families!

My personal favorite uses: Enhance and amplify reiki during sessions, clearing and amplifying crystal collection, home grids

Learn more about how Clear Quartz can help you.

Wynne's "One Thousand Trees" Article: 

My Experience with Earth Angels

May, 2017 Issue

A large percentage of my private practice and workshops focus on working with a select group of people who seem to all have the same essence and mission in life; To help the greater good. Even if they don't know it yet. I know these people as The Earth Angels.

They are known by many labels; Lightworkers, Intuitive's, Shaman's, Healers, Mediums, Environmentalist, Witches, Mystics and more.

They all seem to have a common goal, and it is often related to feeling like they are on a mission to create big change somewhere. They also seem to struggle with the same challenges, even though they may seem very diverse on the outside. They have a strong need teach about love, correct injustice, and restore the earth back to the oneness they already feel deeply within their hearts.

Many struggle with the feeling something's very wrong with the way society thinks in regards to the earth, and all of its inhabitants. They feel an imbalance they cannot explain and seek answers through spiritual and religious teachings, and the Earth's ancient cultures. Many earth angels also feel the calling to do something great that has the potential to create an positive, impacting shift to their local community, city or even the globe.

With so many areas that require healing at this time, you will find Earth Angels doing their good work in careers, or volunteer work, focused on working with children and families, medicine and alternative healing, environmental and animal care, and even as cashiers and stock boys!

They are kind people who come in all shapes and forms. You will know when you meet an Earth Angel because you will always leave their company feeling at ease, uplifted, hopeful and healed on some unexplained level. It could be an energy worker you know. Or, maybe that waitress who listened patiently and then offered helpful advice after you recounted your stressful day for no reason? Many people who work for the airlines are Earth Angels who are just waiting to make you travel days easy and comfortable.

If your unsure if your an Earth Angel, ask yourself these 5 questions:

1) Have I always felt I would one day be famous, or well recognized, for some type of achievement?

2) Do I have a deeper attachment to the earth than most; big love towards the animal and plant life of the Land, Sea and Air or wanting to cleanse earth energies to restore balance.

3) Do people often share intimate details of their lives with me, even if I just met them?

4) Do I have the passion to help others no matter what my line of work entails?

5) Am I naturally intuitive?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions, chances are you are an Earth Angel. Once you connect to your souls path and recognize how your Earth Angel qualities can influence the world around you for the good, it is easier to walk in this work of color with confidence, healthy boundaries and giving back in the ways you see fit.

Thank you to all the Earth Angels I have known, am connect with now and who are there with me in the future. Earth Angels have a big mission on Earth, and it couldn't be a better time for us to get to work.

For more information about the Ontario based online magazine "One Thousand Trees", and to read their latest and archived issues, please follow the links below. You  will find my original article, and many other contributors, in the issue May, 2017; Angels Among Us

witch hazel

How well do you know Witch Hazel?

December 18, 2018

Botanical Name: Hamamelis Virginiana

Keywords: astringent, toner, wound healer, soothing to skin

Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus

Witch Hazel is most commonly found as a hydrosol. Readily available at any pharmacy or grocery store, it is also really affordable. Traditionally, Witch Hazel has been a staple in our medicine cabinets and first aid kits. It has many uses including cleansing wounds, helping to heal bruising, calming varicose veins, and soothing the skin.

In natural skin care, Witch Hazel is promoted as a toner for oily skin. It is considered a light astringent and is great for acne, inflammed skin and razor burn. Not just for oily and acne skin! Use Witch Hazel as a spot treatment for break outs on the face and back. It really helps to speed up healing of small pimples and the more painful cystic variety. Try to find alcohol free Witch Hazel to avoid drying the skin out too much.

My personal favorite uses; spot treatment for break outs, soothing dehydrated skin, wound care for light abrasions.

Ask me how Witch Hazel can help you.

Amethyst, crystal healing, crystal therapy, addiction support, natural remedy for addicition, sobriety support, psychic protection, aura cleanser, what crystal do I need

How well do you know Amethyst?

January 6, 2019

Mineral Family: Silicate - Quartz family

Keywords: sobriety, protection, clarity of the mind, emotional healer

Associated Birth Month: February

Associated Chakra: Crown Chakra

Amethyst is a beloved stone in the jewelry, home decor and metaphysical worlds. Natural deposits occur in a handful of countries. Canada is lucky to have some high quality deposits of our own. Raw, tumbled, gem stone quality, and lab created varieties are all readily available with varying price points.

Amethyst has many beneficial metaphysical properties, but it is best known for helping one over coming any type of addictive state. Using amethyst in the form of a crystal essence is a great method to support the cellular level commitment to “sober up”, and leave toxic habits behind. Amethyst is also thought to calm the nervous system, and clear the mind. These properties can help to shift and release the emotional “why” to the toxic behavior, and calm anxiety that can creep up when making big life changes.

This is also a great stone to clear energetic debris from the aura. When carried, or worn on the body, Amethyst projects its protective and clearing energy into the aura. The perfect stone for daily aura health, deflecting negativity and taking power away from dramatic situations.

My personal favorite uses: Crystal elixir in my aroma-sprays, meditation aid, and display. Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals to collect.

Learn more about how Amethyst can help you.

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How well do you know the flower Carnation?

January 10, 2019

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

AKA: Pinks and Gillyflower

Keywords: fidelity, truth in relationships, balance, attract soul mate

Associated Chakras: Root and Heart

Associated Archangel: Haniel, Jophiel

Who loves Carnations? Known as one of January’s chosen flowers, Carnations are a pretty, and common species. Easy to find, this flower is available most times of the year at your local florist, grocery shop and anywhere you find flowers.

In flower therapy, carnations have been said to hold the energy of fidelity. What a great flower to include in wedding, and anniversary celebrations to promote long lasting love, loyalty and fulfillment for both partners.

Carnations are the revealers of truth within relationships. When a relationship is strained, use carnation energy to gently bring to light parts of the relationship that requires some healing work. This can be done with flower essences, a carnation meditation and dream work.

My personal favorite uses; Clearing the aura with the fresh flowers, and corsage for weddings.

Ask me how Carnation can help you.

Children, Animals and Reiki

April 4, 2016

In my Reiki and energy work practice, I often get asked if Reiki is safe for kids and pets. The easier answer is YES, absolutely! Let me explain why.

Reiki is energetic healing. The Japanese word Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It is an ancient practice of healing with the hands dating back as far as 3000 years ago. Reiki can be used in many different areas in our lives, but most people are aware that Reiki is used to balance the Chakras and clear the Aura. We experience our world 

emotionally,mentally and spiritually through our chakras and if they are clogged up with useless, low vibrational energies taken on from people, places and situations we can feel in a fog, out of balance and essentially drained. As you clear and balance your energy centers with a Reiki session, your natural energy is topped up. This gives you an extra boost in your physical being, aiding in your bodies ability to heal on the physical level. Its great for healing in adults, and even better for children and animals, and there is good reason for this.

As we grow, we take in so many things from the world around us. Beilefs about ourselves, our healing, and how we are meant to interact with the world around us as a short list. When you have the Reiki session, the more you can RECIEVE, the better the session. It can be difficult for some adults to recieve, and this can be due to social conditioning/home enviroment that has taught us that "to recieve is to be selfish". This could not be farther from the truth, and it can take time to let that belief system go.

Children and animals rarely have this belief system. They are wide open to recieving all good that comes to them with open arms, loving intention and are happiest in this state. It is actually encouraged to recieve well, especailly as a small child. Our children and pets also still believe in an unseen world and endless possibilities. There is no need to convince them something is happening. They believe deeply that what you offer and give them is from the heart and so it must be good for you! This is why Reiki is so effective for them. Sessions with these special souls is always a breeze and so many concerns can be worked on, released and heal.

Reiki helps childen and pets in these areas:

  • Pre/Post surgery
  • Behavioral concerns; ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity (children), social anxiety (both), chewing, scratching, separation anxiety (pets)
  • Emotional and mental balance
  • Increased focus and confidence
  • Sickness, long term illness
  • Growing Pains

I know a few parents who became attuned to Reiki in order to offer the healing energy specifically for their family members and pets. Did you know that children can be attuned to Reiki Level 1 beginning at 8 years old? This beautiful, gentle healing energy can be learned and used by anyone. 

If your ready to take the next step in being pro-active about you and your families healing or if you feel your child is ready and would benefit from learning Reiki, please check our my Group Classes section for upcoming Reiki classes. I would love to share this gift of healing with you and your family,

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How well do you know Marjoram?

January 10, 2019

otanical Name: Origanum majorana

Keywords: calming, sedative, antispasmodic, pain relief

Associated Chakra: Heart + Third Eye

Associated Element: Air

Marjoram has been used in the kitchen for hundreds of years! Sweet Marjoram is seen in French recipes, Marjoram in Greek dishes, and Oregano (aka wild marjoram) is found in Italian cooking. Each variety has its own intensity of flavor. Oregano being the most potent, and Sweet Marjoram being the most delicate. This is a great herb to add a little medicinal boost to your meals; use the leave and flowers. Try including some dried marjoram to your smudge dish, and smoke the body in preparation for meditation as a nice treat for the third eye and heart chakras.

In aromatherapy, sweet marjoram oil really shines in the respiratory, digestive and nervous system departments. Its antispasmodic properties help calm pesky coughs. Same goes for digestive spams. Many also trust marjoram oil for its ability to calm, and regulate the nervous system. This can help reduce anxiety, and also provide relief for insomnia. The inhalation method is a great way to get marjoram oil in the body safely. If you would like to take advantage of this oils pain relief properties, make sure to dilute before applying topically. 1-2 drops in 1 teaspoon of olive oil works well.

My personal favorite uses; Oregano is almost like salt and pepper in my house!! I add it to everything. I am just learning more about marjoram oil in my aromatology practice, and look forward to what marjoram will show me.

Ask me how Sweet Marjoram can help you.

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How well do you know Garnet?

January 23, 2019

How well do you know Garnet?

Variety: Rhodolite Garnet

Mineral Family: Magnesium aluminum silicate

Keywords: Self worth, awaken spirituality, emotional healing support

Ruling Month: January

Associated Chakra: Root, Heart & Crown

Associated Angel: AA Uriel, AA Jophiel, AA Zadkiel

Garnet is available is many varieties with varying mineral make ups,colours and healing properties. In this blog post we will talk about the beautiful red variety known as Rhodolite Garnet.

Rhodolite Garnet’s name is derived from two greek words meaning “rose stone” Much like the rose, this variety of garnet is known for its connection to the heart, and supporting emotional healing. Naisha Ahsian writes in The Book of Stones, “Rhodolite reflects the Light of the heart and helps on receive abundance on a emotional level. It encourages one to both receive and radiate the frequency of love.”

Working with rhodolite garnet can also help to awaken our connection to spirit, and bring about the confidence required to begin walking our true spiritual path. Connecting our upper chakras with our lower chakras through the heart.

Try the following meditation technique with rhodolite garnet to help your strengthen your intuitive connection to your higher self:

Place one piece of rhodolite garnet on your Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra.

Breathe deeply for a few moments, and hold the intention that you would like to let go of anything you are holding onto emotionally that is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Breath deeply for a few minutes

Visualizing your root, heart and crown being cleared by the garnets glowing red energy.

Breath deeply and affirm:

I am confident

I am safe

I am loved

I love, I love, I love

Learn more about how Rhodolite Garnet can help you.

January flower, snowdrop flower, earliest flower to bloom after winter, what does a snowdrop flower represent, flowers of hope, flowers that represent hope, flowers that represent new horizons, early spring flowers, winter flowers

How well do you know the Snowdrop Flower?

January 30, 2019

Botanical Name: Galanthus nivalis

Keywords: hope, warmth

Associated Chakra: Root, Heart and Crown

Realm Associated: Elemental, Fairies

The Snowdrop flower is connected to the month of January. When this flower appears, it is a sign that warmer weather is on the way.

In flower therapy, one can use the snowdrop to assist in regaining hope that better days are on the horizon. The flower essence can be prepared with the petals, and then taken in small amounts daily to assist in healing any type of hopelessness within your emotional wellbeing.

Unlock your fearlessness with this tiny flower, as it shows us it can achieve renewal and growth in the tail end of the deep freeze called winter.

My personal favorite uses; The Snowdrop is a new flower to me. I plan to take a hike and see if I can find any in my neck of the woods.

Ask me how Snowdrop can help you.

Be your own healer: Flower Therapy

April 17, 2017

Sitting and connecting with plant life is very similar to crystalline life. You can do some of the varied techniques you use with crystals to receive flower healing. Listed are a few I was guided to share with you in this blog post:

Sit in meditation with a lilac tree, or flower/plant of choice. 

Inhale the floral fragrance deeply into the lungs. Sit in the energy of nature accepting all healing energy as you inhale deeply and releasing all old, non contributing energy with each exhale. No need for pruning and you can return to the same tree/plant again if you're guided

Gently pick a bunch of the blossoms to enjoy in the home.

Use vase/shallow bowl with fresh water and a dash of vinegar and pinch of sugar to hold freshness.Change water every 2 days to maintain quality. Place the flowers in your favorite seating area or beside your bed for gentle work to take place overnight. When petals have wilted and begin to drop, return all parts of the plant to earth in any way you see fit; compost, float down a river, bury, toss into garden

Photos; flowers offer their energetic signature when we capture their image. 

Use lilacs as your screen saver, home screen, framed hanging up at home or in your work area. Meditate with your favorite flower in a photo you have or find online, Used the photo as a focal point and breathe the energy into the heart. Or, simply enjoy the uplifting feeling you receive when you light up your phone and see a beautiful flower shining back.

Flower Essence, Elixirs, Oils, Tinctures, Bach Flower Remedies.

Connect with a Flower Therapist (like yours truly) who can give you a personalized recipe to make at home. Many Flower Therapist might even hand create an essence, or elixir for you. Some of your favorite health and wellness shops carry Bach Flower Remedies, and will have a trained consultant on staff to assist you in finding the right fit. Always, always, always consult an herbologist, aromatherapist (like yours truly), homeopath, naturopath, or pharmacist if you are new to tinctures and essential oils. Tinctures and essential oils are the most physically potent versions of plants, and should be taken with knowledge,caution, and care. Natural does not always equal harmless. 

There are more ways to use flowers for healing, and listed here are the most popular ways. Flower Therapy works similar to crystal therapy. As long as the flowers are close, or within, your aura (your personal bubble) healing energy flows to where it needs to go.

 When working with flowers, you will begin to notice they work based on energetic personalities, which differs to color frequency like how crystals often work. So, don’t let the colors of the petals distract you from your intuitive feelings about any flower you feel guided to use for your self-healing work. For example; A purple flower does not always resonate to the crown chakra. Lilacs come in purple and white. Yet, they are known for the healing properties associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is yellow. 

There is much to learn about the power of flowers, and I love to share techniques you can use at home. Flower therapy is advised during many client sessions, and classes. Often personalized essences, and elixirs, come through as healing tools. Simple but powerful. 

Smoky Quartz, crystals for grounding, crystals for clearing, healing crystals, root charka crystals, crytal therapy

How well do you know Smoky Quartz?

February 8, 2019

How well do you know Smoky Quartz?

Variety: Quartz

Mineral Family: Silicon dioxide

Keywords: Grounding, Transmutation, Protection, Clearing, Organization

Associated Chakra: Root

Connected Angel: Archangel Michael

Smoky Quartz is one of the most recognizable crystals, and is readily available. You can find it in varying shades of smoke from almost opaque black to a light, hazy translucent grey. Smoky Quartz has varying quality so there is a piece for every price range; from raw chunks to high quality gem stones. It is a must have for anyone using crystal therapy in their self care routine. This stone has many beneficial qualities including clearing other crystals in your collection.

One of the main metaphysical properties of Smoky Quartz is transmutation of negativity. If you find yourself experiencing drama, stress and other ick vibes swirling around you, pack along a piece of this stone. Whether this non-contributing energy originates from others or yourself, Smoky Quartz absorbs all the “ick” and transmutes it to the earth for cleansing. All the while keeping you grounded and focused.

My favorite uses: On my “big energetic scrub” days, I put a piece of smoky quartz in my tub during bath or shower to create extra energetic clearing and grounding. If I am experiencing extra stress, I will have a piece on my night stand to work with me as I rest. I also use Smoky Quartz elixir in my aromaspray- Reset Your Day.

Learn more about how Smoky Quartz can help you.

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How well do you know Myrrh?

February 20, 2019

Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha

Some Keywords: physical and spiritual wound healer, physical tonic, expectorant, revitalizing skin care

Associated Chakra: Root, Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Element: Water

Myrrh is one of the oldest known perfumes with recorded use going back 3700+ years. Myrrh resin is extracted from a shrub like tree found in Africa and Arabia. You can find this sacred resin commercially in a couple forms: Solvent extracted oleo gum resin and steam distilled essential oil. Good myrrh essential oil will be a rich amber colour and thick in consistency. The essential oil has a stronger aroma than the resin, and should be used in smaller quantities.

In aromatology, myrrh has many beneficial uses for the mind, body and soul. In this blog post I would like to share its expectorant properties. When inhaled through a personal aroma inhaler, or as a facial steam, myrrh can loosen up congested lungs and ease coughs. You can also make a salve and apply to the chest, front and back of the neck and behind the ears for over night benefits. Myrrh has also been known to offer relief for laryngitis and shortening the duration of influenza.

My personal favorite uses; I have used myrrh in wound healing oil blends. I often pair this oil with Frankincense and jojoba.

Ask me how Myrrh can help you.

What does he flower violet represent, flowers that represent truth, flowers of wisdom, February flowers, flowers that heal relationships, flowers that heal old wounds

How well do you know the flower Violet?

February 22, 2019

Botanical Name: Violaceae

Some Keywords: truth, faithfulness, loyalty

Associated Chakra: Heart, Throat, Crown

Ruling Month: February

Element: Air

Violets come in over 500 varieties, and varying colours: purple, white, yellow and blue. The ancient Greeks have records of using violets regularly in their teas, food and medicines. This flowering plant has been seen thriving in many different conditions from desert climates to rainforest areas. This speaks a lot to the essence the violet offers: You can count on me to stay by your side!

In flower therapy, Violets can be used to heal spiritual wounds associated with abandonment, and those who have been scarred by false loyalties. The vibrational healing occurs at a deep emotional and spiritual level. You may also work with the violet to awaken the spiritual mind to the truth, and this can lead to healing the wounded heart.

Some Used: potted plant beside your bed, violet patch around a sitting area in the garden, use the petals to make a tea, create a flower essence to use internally

My personal favorite uses; African Violets always find their way to me. Right now, Robin and I have this plant in our office space. Its like a supportive friend, cheering us on.

Ask me how the Violet can help you.

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Be your Own Healer: Crystal and Gem Essences

April 17, 2016

There has been lots of buzz lately about gem water and crystal essences. In this blog post, I would like to talk about the benefits of using crystal essences and how to make your own at home.

Let's begin with water. Water is an amazing whole body cleanser from our cells to our skin. As water assists in clearing out toxins and excess junk from the organs this helps to raise our energetic vibration. You will feel better, more energetic and focused the better hydrated you are. This is a scientific fact. Another scientific fact about water is that it can conform to any shape, and it can also take on any vibrational essence from any plant, crystal or spoken word. Search the internet for fascinating evidence water gives us with spoken words experiments and how water reacts to positive and negative words on a cellular level. Pretty cool stuff, but lets get back to crystal essences shall we. Just know that essences begin with good water.

When you add a gem stones or crystals to water, the water and crystal work together to blend their healing energies. Water will take on the frequency pattern the crystal has to offer, thus giving you a liquid form of the crystal you can used in ways the physical crystal cannot be used. Here are some examples of how you can use crystal essences:

* for drinking or sipping; body readily recieves healing properties and assists body in natural healing abilities

* add to bath water; especially benefitial for babies and toddlers to avoid choking hazard smaller stones can present

* personal or room spray; clear/balance/protect aura and chakras for family and pets, clear/smudge/protect/enhance rooms around the home

How to make your own crystal essences:

***PRECAUTION: Not all crystals are safe for human contact or consumption. There are toxic crystals and toxic forms of crystals. Research the crystals you choose to use for your essences. If you are unsure, use crystals from the Quartz family only, or consult a professional crystal healer for further guidance.

What you need:

* clean, clear glass jar, bowl, container - avoid plastic as it can leach chemicals/toxins into your water

* choosen crystal. If you are a beginner or new to crystals, use 1-2 crystal per essences until you learn more about crystals that work well together. If unsure, have a crystal prescription session with a crystal healer you trust

* spring water, or clean filtered water

*plastic wrap; to cover your bowl from bugs etc, when placing outdoors

Direct Method:

Spring water has the highest vibration, but clean filtered water is a great choice,too. Begin by filling your container of choice with water. Sit quietly with your crystal and begin to connect. You can program your crystal to fine tune your essence or trust the crystal has the energy you require. You can choose to say a prayer, affirmation or add Reiki to the crystal and water as you place your stone in the water. Let sit in the sun for 4-5 hours or over night on the counter or outside in the moonlight for 10 hours. Moon and Sun are added benefits, but not always necessary. Use withing in 24-48 hours the way you like. Enjoy!

Crystal Essence Prayer: Beautiful water and "crystal" I ask that you join your healing vibrations to create an essence to aid in my healing journey. (This is where you may ask for extra healing properties or thank the crystal for already having the vibration you require for healing) I ask that only love and healing energy be captured within this essence and I thank the sun/moon for your added benefits. Thank you and so it is, Amen"

In-Direct Method:

Instead of placing your crystal directly into the water, you will use an isolating container for your crystal to sit in while submerged. You can find fancy travel mugs and containers meant for this method at some metaphysical shops. Another indirect method you can use is by placing the container of water on a larger plate/dish and place your crystals of choice around the outside of your water container making sure they are touching the glass.

ways go with your guidance and prayer method of choice. There really is no right or wrong "prayer" Working with crystals is all based on your deep connection,loving intention and trust.

*Programming your crystal ; place crystal in dominate/writing hand. Connect with the energy. Ask aloud, or from the heart, for additional healing benefits you wish to receive from the crystal

Booking in with your professional crystal healer and asking for your personalized crystal prescription can offer the best crystals for your healing essences. Some healers, like yours truly, will even craft your personalized essences before your appointment so they are ready when you arrive. You can experiment at home, but make sure you do your research to make the best choices and avoid any stones that may not be beneficial when used as an essence. Super simple, but very powerful way to use your crystals for your healing journey.

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How well do you know Bloodstone?

February 26, 2019

Mineral Family: Quartz (Chalcedony)

Keywords: Purification physically and spiritually, courage, grounding, strength

Associated Chakra: Root

Connected Angel: Chamuel

Bloodstone has been used in forms of crystal therapy for thousands of years. It was once thought that the red spots found in the stone was the actual blood of Jesus Christ. This is very fitting, as bloodstone is known to pull one toward their highest spiritual calling, and accepting christ consciousness within.

Healers talk about how bloodstone increases our courage to walk our own path confidently. It also supports healing around any bad feelings associated with the need to let go of anything, or anyone, that does not align with this path.

Bloodstones is highly grounding to the body. As you increase in your spiritual awareness, bloodstone counteracts the effects of feeling like your head is in the clouds.

My favorite uses: There is so much more this stone assists with than I can share here. I encourage you to look it up.

I often use bloodstone during meditation at my root chakra. I also pack a piece with me when I head out to social gatherings. I find it really helps keep me grounded and reduces anxiety I may experience.

Learn more about how Blood Stone can help you.

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How well do you know the flower Yarrow?

March 1, 2019

Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

Some Keywords: spiritual strength, protection, astrigent

Associated Chakra: Crown

Yarrow is a hardy perennial and can grow almost anywhere. It is recognizable by its feathery green leaves, and clusters of white, pink or lilac coloured flowers growing at the top of the plant. They grow in short bunches and smell divine when crushed.

Yarrow can be found in the form of an essential oil, but should be used sparingly. It takes many plants to produce the oil thus making it one of the more expensive oils to purchase.

When one is dealing with major life challenges, yarrow helps to support strength in spirit. Yarrow protects our energy, and lifts heavy emotions. This can allow one to find ease, grace and flow while working their way through life’s transitions and trials.

My favorite uses; I love to sit with the yarrow growing around my yard. I connect into it’s spiritual wisdom in times of disconnect. I find it gives me the strength to carry on and continue to build my dreams.

Ask me how the Yarrow can help you.

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How well do you know Aquamarine?

March 5, 2019

Mineral Family: Beryllium aluminum silicate

Keywords: Communication, soothing, spiritual truth

Associated Chakra: Throat

Ruling Month: March

Element: Water

Aquamarine is a very attractive stone. Its first documented use was over 2300 years ago in the greek culture. Old aquamarine lore says this stone was a treasure of the mermaids. Sailors would pack a piece of aquamarine as a talisman, believing this stone would offer them fearlessness and protection on their journey.

Metaphysically, aquamarine is known for its cooling and soothing properties. Being a water element stone, it works best to cool hot tempers, and release all kinds of emotional baggage. Physically, this crystal has been known to sooth hot flashes, inflammation and even laryngitis.

Healers talk about aquamarine as being one of the most power crystals to help unlock ones throat chakra. This allows the throat chakra to fully connection to the heart chakra, offering the ability to clearly communication with loving intention. Women gain freedom to speak their spiritual truths, while men experience the courage to talk about their feelings more deeply with confidence. Using aquamarine in the form of a crystal essence (for ingestion) offers major healing around communication blocks for those who have suffered traumatic events and abuse; whether they were the victim or the instigator.

My favorite uses: I love gem stone quality aquamarine! I absolutely cherish the aquamarine ring I picked up while on vacation in Skagway, Alaska.

Learn more about how Aquamarine can help you.

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How well do you know Thyme?

March 12, 2019

Botanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Plant family: Labiatae

Some Keywords: Bactericidal, stimulant, antiseptic, heals past emotional pain

Associated Realm: Elemental/Fairies

Thyme is a popular herb to grow in a garden and used in many culinary dishes. It adds lots of flavor, and is known to be good for your overall health.

Thyme is available as an essential oil, and is very purifying to the body and mind. The fresh, or lightly dried leaves and flowering tops are steam distilled to extract the pure oil. Thyme helps to strength the body with its stimulating properties. It also known for its ability to clear up infectious illness like colds, the flu and other pulmonary ailments. The variation Thyme linalol is milder, thus safer for use on children. The steam inhalation and salve application methods of use are best to relieve colds and flu’s.

Historically, Thyme has been used as a smudge plant. Its power purification properties were known to the Greeks, and they would smudge themselves, and area, prior to religious or magical ceremonies. Some still use Thyme as a smudge to attract good health and heightened psychic abilities.

My favorite uses: Thyme is not my favorite herb to eat, but I enjoy the aroma. I plan to include the dry herb in my smudging dish.

Ask me how the Thyme can help you.

Worm Moon, full moon, full moon remedy, what to do if I am ungrounded, does reiki help during full moons

My thoughts on The Worm Super Moon, Spring Equinox and all this crazy celestial energy

March 20, 2019

Buckle up, folks! This feels like a super duper magical time. Like, you feel it too, right!?!

I am a firm believer in good energetic hygiene that allows for smooth sailing through 

any kind of planetary, solar or lunar event. 


The last few years all I hear in the spiritual community is:

The energy is unstable!

Full moon crazies!!

Time to let go what no longer serves!! (its always time for this......always)

 Mercury is always in retrograde!!

Oh no,  now all the planets are in retrograde!!!

Celestial portals opening and closing!!!

How will we survive emotionally and spiritually!?!?!

What does it all mean !?!?!?! 

You know.......the typical “making the big shift into the Golden Age” kinda stuff. There always seems to be a next big energetic crisis breaking out all over the place.

And....... I am tired.

Intuitive, elemental, energetic and all metaphysical modalites are meant to be used as a life style. Not when you are so spun out you can’t tell your Crown from your Root.

If you are attuned to Reiki or other energy flow, use it everyday on yourself.

If you love crystal therapy, use it daily.

If you connect in with your Lords, Masters and Loved Ones, connect in consistency.

Whatever your magical jam is, practice daily in some capacity to build your muscle, and keep things from flying off the rails.

I get it! This last few months has been a doozy at times in my world. This shifting is blissful some days, and a horror show others. So, I get help. This week I recieved a beautiful session from one of my healers to get my sparkle back to its natural high. I have my homework, and was reminded about where I am missing my self care consistency.

5 minutes a day is better than no minutes a day. Get to it!

Reiki On, Baby! Reiki ALL THE WAY ON!!!!!

Authentic living, emotional healing, how to heal abandoment issues, how to get over rejection, how to begin loving myself, how to boost self confidence, lack of self confidence, how to heal old emotional wounds

Layer of Healing; My struggle with being authentic

April 16, 2019

"Don't trade in your authenticity for approval" - Anonymous

What a quote to hit me right in the heart chakra. I saw this post on the social media and I couldn't help but think about it deeply. This area has been one of my “layers of onion” that has required deep healing. Dimming my sparkle and shine as to not offend others, or even to make sure I was not rising above others, has been a constant inner battle that I have finally come to terms with.

I have been called:

“Too Much” “Intimidating” “Arrogant” “Full of It” “Egotistical” oh my.........

Just for being me. 

Did it hurt to hear these things? Ahhh, yeah it did! Especially since I do not feel like any of those labels, and tried hard not to come across as aloof........

Alas, people still think this. 

Even in the past where I have dimmed my light in order to be accepted by others, I still did not receive the approval  I was desperately looking for.  

Time to unplug from this pattern! My awareness is now wide awake in regards to this old, useless pattern. No more excuses. Time to begin the healing work.

What am I doing to heal?? Lots of self care including sharing my feelings of hurt with trusted ears, and surround myself by my cheerleaders. I have nipped it in the butt for the most part, and I am still working on fully healing this “layer of onion”.

However, I now choose to turn my sparkle and shine back on.

All the way ON!

Be too much, be intimidating, be wild, be free, be soft, TURN THE AUTHENTIC YOU UP TO FULL!!

If you shake someone up, or trigger them, that says more about that person than yourself. The right people will hang around, and support all the crazy stuff you are attempting to do to express your truest essence. Those who choose to label you as anything but authentic will drift away.

I guarantee it.

Be you.

Be your own healer.

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How well do you know Diamond and Herkimer Diamond?

April 16, 2019

Mineral Family: Traditional Diamond is pure carbon. Herkimer Diamond is part of the quartz family.

Keywords: Unity, purification, attunement, connection, intensity, dreams and visions

Associated Chakra: Heart, Third Eye and Crown

Ruling Month: April

Element: Storm

Diamonds are a beloved stone that are often given in circumstances that call to unity; Engagement rings, anniversary jewelry and infinity necklaces. Diamond is known as the strongest natural substance known to man, with an hardness of 10. Diamonds have also been known through the centuries to offer divine connection. This is why you can find Diamonds encrusted in the crowns of Kings and Queens. In this blog post, I want to talk more about the hardest form of quartz that also carries the name Diamond; The Herkimer Diamond.

Herkimer Diamonds can be sourced in one location; in around Herkimer, New York State. Though you can find other variations, the truest form is found from that area. They have a harness of 9.5, and are always found in a stubby, double terminated formation. The finest specimens can be as clear a water. Though the pieces with many inclusions that display rainbows within are just as beautiful.

Herkimer is known as “The Attunement Stone” and has been used by healers to assist in attuning the consciousness to higher vibrations. It carries the pure spiritual light frequency. While working with a Herkimer Diamond, you create unity between your Higher Self and Physical self. It’s a very powerful stone used to purify the mind, body and soul. It clears and repairs the chakras, and the auric field. Especially good to use during deep healing self care sessions, and meditation.

My favorite uses: I love my herki, and snapped a photo for you! If you have ever been in my office, or classes, you will see I use my Herkimer Diamond for a variety of things; reiki attunements, clearing the chakra’s and aura, opening and anchoring the Third Eye

Learn more about how Herkimer Diamond can help you. 

polarities, shift your polarities, tree hugging, does tree hugging work, why do people hug trees, natural remedy for anxiety, nature remedy, tree medicine, red cedars

How well do you know Diamond and Herkimer Diamond?

Are your poles balanced?

April 27, 2020

Is your polarity out of balance? Did you know that hugging a tree flips your polarities back to their natural state?

Our bodies, like everything else, has a positive and a negative pole. When balanced, we are magnetize to health, and harmony within ourselves and our world. Under great stress, illness, over consumption, or trauma we can flip the switch. When these “poles” are flipped, we experience undesirable symptoms.

• Foggy brain

• Trouble getting grounded or staying grounded

• Symptoms of anxiety and/or depression

• Inaccurate pendulum or dowsing results

• Weakened psychic abilities

• Feel disconnected from your guides

• Trouble sleeping

• Weakened immune system

• Distracted, hyper, lack of focus

Hugging a tree is one method that is easy to do, and naturally flips our poles back to their natural state.

1) Begin by finding a great tree to hug

2) Make sure feet are uncrossed, and that your toes are touching the base of the trunk

3) Touch your Third Eye to the trunk

4) Hug it out! A good hug for 30 seconds is suggested, but hug until you feel grounded and connected.

In the attached photo is an example of me flipping my polarity back to its natural state after being on vacation for 16 days. I was around a lot of travelers, 12 family members and on the ocean for 5 full days on our return trip. I had a great time! I over ate, drank too much and had carefree days. I had also been very sick for a short portion of this vacation. When we finally returned to the main land, I felt spacey, drained, disinterested and disconnected. After expressing this to my husband, he made a good call and took us on a hike into the woods. After my big ole tree hug, I felt reset, and my clarity returned.

There are a few ways to balance your polarities, but hugging a tree is by far my favorite, and anyone can do this quick procedure almost anywhere.

Give it a try and let me know how you feel after!